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Next Century Medical Care Hours

Office visits & allergy shots by appointment. 

Updated office hours starting January 2020!

Important Information About 

Office Visits & Allergy Shots

No Shows & Late Cancellations

Any patient who fails to arrive for a scheduled office visit without cancelling at least 24 hours to the scheduled appointment is considered a No Show. A No Show patient may be charged $40.00 fee, as set by the practice for failure to show. A patient who is No Show for three office visits may be dismissed from the practice. 

How do No Shows and Late Cancellations affect you as a patient? 

Understanding how valuable appointments are, will reduce the delay in getting the care you need. When our schedule is filled and you need an appointment, you will have a delay in being seen. However, if patients that cannot keep their appointment call ASAP to reschedule, then this frees up appointment slots for other patients. Please be a good patient community member. Respect the obligation of making an appointment and keep it. 

How do No Shows and Late Cancellations affect Next Century Medical Care?

Next Century Medical Care is a business. If we cannot maintain a healthy business, then drastic changes may occur to how we practice, including closing. We are here for you! Please help make Next Century Medical Care successful by respecting the value of our appointments.

Allergy Shots by Appointment

Patients are encouraged to schedule an allergy shot appointment during normal business hours. There are few benefits to scheduling an appointment instead of walking-in for an allergy shot.

  1. We will provide you with an appointment card that you can use as a reminder. 
  2. If you have set-up your email address with us, Practice Fusion can notify you of the upcoming allergy shot appointment. Appointment reminders are sent to a patient's email address 1-week and then 1-day prior to the appointment.
  3. If for any reason the office must close, we can notify you so that you can reschedule your allergy shot.

Allergy shots stop 30 minutes prior to closing since it is recommended to stay 30 minutes after an allergy shot.


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