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Electronic Health Record...

1400 Philadelphia Pike

Suite A4

Wilmington, DE 19809

Phone: (302) 375-6746

Fax: (302) 375-6822

Our Transition from Practice Fusion to CareSpan

As many of our patients know, we have been using Practice Fusion for our electronic health record since starting in 2018. There are many great features of Practice Fusion we all appreciated. However, we have decided to transition to CareSpan for several reasons.

1. CareSpan integrates with our billing system. Practice Fusion did not and created a great deal of confusion and frustration for our patients and staff. The goal is to provide quick transparency of charges, including insurance payments and patient responsibility for care.

2. Due to COVID-19, the healthcare environment has changed. Patients and healthcare providers need options for telehealth and remote patient monitoring. Practice Fusion's telehealth partner UpDox did help us provide telehealth visits, but remote patient monitoring is the next evolution of healthcare. Telehealth is a live audio-visual interaction between a patient and healthcare provider. Remote patient monitoring allows the patient to track key health markers using specialized equipment at home that then can be shared with the healthcare provider remotely. We are very excited about offering this option as we learn the CareSpan system.

3. We wanted to work with a company with goals and values similar to our own. American Advanced Practice Network (American APN) is a national group practice of nurse practitioner owned and operated medical offices. American APN is powered by CareSpan, a customizable electronic health record with integrated billing system.

4. Although some of the features we had with Practice Fusion will not be available initially with CareSpan, CareSpan has planned updates to address patient and healthcare provider needs. Please be patient. We will once again have a patient portal that allows messaging and online appointment requests. The ability for patients and healthcare providers to influence CareSpan's development is another reason we decided to make the change. Each of us will have a voice!

Please take a moment to visit the American APN website by clicking on this hyperlink.

Patient Access to NCMC CaseSpan Clinic

Please be sure to include an email address when you check in at the office. This is the only method at present for CareSpan to contact you about messages and appointment reminders.

Please click on the following link to access the NCMC CareSpan log-in page:

Please click on the following linked document on how to access your NCMC CareSpan patient portal:

Patient instructions - access NCMC CareSpan PP

If you have a virtual tele-health visit, please click on the following linked document on how to navigate to the virtual examination room:

Patient instructions - access NCMC telehealth

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